Organizing with strategic goals for the International Republican Institute in Sudan

Khartoum/Haibat Elamin

In its mission, the International Republican Institute (IRI)relies on advances demicracy and freedom ,we link people with their governments, guide politicians to be responsive to citizens and motivate people to engage in the electoral and political process.

Improving mproving Electroal and Political Process for change in Sudan

The main objectives:-
1 / Enhance the responsiveness and accountability of governance institutions

2 / Improving political parties inclusiveness and capacity to conduct issue – based , citizen -responsive campaigns

3 / Enhancing the participation of citizens, civil society, media and other stakeholders in electoral and political processes

For this purpose, the International Republican Institute ( IRI) worked to organize training workshops on advocacy and networking training workshop for youth.

The International Republican Institute (IRI) – Sudan office organized a training workshop on advocacy and networks the period form March 15-16, 2021 at Corinthia Hotel – Khartoum, attended by 35 youth from the ( armed movements , parties. Political, civil society organizations, People with Disabilities Union and Resistance Committees)

It covered the main topics of advocacy , networking and communication.

This training workshop is among the activities organized by the International Republican Institute in Sudan for the Youth Coordination Council, which is an existing entity that came among the recommendations of the workshop that were organized earlier and will be followed by other activities to build the capacities of youth, civil society and advocacy campaigns for Sudanese youth issues with the aim of empowering youth to contribute and participate in the political, electoral process and democratic transition.

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